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 Enterprise culture

After nearly 6 years of hard work, Jinlong has developed into an enterprise of current scale and a leading enterprise in the industry of connected products in China. It has established a good corporate image and brand image in the society and formed an enterprise culture with The characteristics of Jinlong.Among them, "the quality of gold, the spirit of dragon" is the essence of the enterprise culture of Golden Dragon.In the past 6 years, the decision-making level of the company has continuously reformed and innovated the property right system, management mode and business philosophy in line with the actual development of the enterprise with a realistic and pragmatic attitude and pioneering and innovative style, thus forming the enterprise culture with the characteristics of Jinlong
Enterprise idea:
"the quality of gold, the spirit of dragon" 
"Gold(Jin)" is the holy of all things, pure quality, set the essence of all things, firm and indomitable.On behalf of the "Jinlong people" pursuit of lofty, yearning for excellence, committed to the unremitting pursuit of genuine people.
"Dragon(long)" is the spirit of one hundred good, indomitable, tolerance of all rivers of gas, march forward couragingly.On behalf of the "Jinlong people" unity and hard work, pioneering and innovative, dedicated to the revitalization of the nation's fearless spirit.
Company tenet:
Strive to be the world's top manufacturer
Enterprise Policy:
Science and technology leading, credit first,
Put people first, take law as the outline,
Pollution prevention, health care,
Continuous improvement and benefit all parties.
Enterprise spirit:
Unity and harmony, realistic and innovative。
Enterprise Values:
Let the excellent quality compose the dignity chapter of Jinlong person .
Enterprise talent view:
The sea admits all rivers, let the dragon take off, thousands of boats race hair, any talent competition.Jinlong enterprise will realize your personal value.
Talent Concept :
Jinlong is a great asset to have well-trained and effective employees who have both political integrity and talent, love their jobs and work hard.We encourage and help employees to continuously increase the value of this wealth by means of external training and internal training, so as to produce better quality products and cultivate higher-quality talents.The combination of team spirit and respect for individuality, encouraging advanced but not yielding to meritorious officers, is the internal requirement of the long-term development of the enterprise.
Learning-oriented Team:
Today's Jinlong is in the era of knowledge economy, and knowledge and information have become the primary factor for the development of enterprises, which requires us to turn Jinlong into a learning organization constantly absorbing new talents, applying new thinking, acquiring new information, learning new knowledge, spreading new ideas and applying new technologies.
 view of interest :
Jinlong advocates the concept of mutual benefit among employees, customers, enterprises and society, and tries to explore the rational distribution mechanism of labor remuneration and employee contribution, so that all employees can get a reasonable return for their efforts.
Core competitiveness:
Jinlong enterprise after nearly 6 years of development, offer the strong staff team, formed a relatively perfect human resources development and management mechanism, increasingly mature sales network, connection of 6 years manufacturing experience and first-class production equipment, manufacturing technology level, and in the society set up good corporate and brand image formed Jinlong enterprise's core competitiveness.

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