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General Manager's Speech

Jinlong "the quality of gold, the spirit of dragon" as the theme, take the "scientific and technological innovation, the quality of business" road of Golden Dragon, is implementing the national high-tech industrialization project, the National Information industry electronic development Fund project, the Torch plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the company has established a set of QAS system in line with the level of international development.
We strive to be the top supplier in the IT industry with our consistent commitment to better serve our customers.We not only provide customers with quality products and services, but also pay attention to customer value and social responsibility in the development of the enterprise.
Environmental protection has become an important issue in the world, and green manufacturing has become the mainstream of the industry.Jinlong technology not only took the lead in setting up environmental protection laboratory, but also passed the IEC hazardous Substances management system certification, and fully implemented environmental protection products and halogen-free products.
I am sure that Jinlong Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is your long-term trusted business partner!

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